Isaiah 7:10-14; 8-10

Psalm 40

Hebrews 10:4-10

Luke 1:26-38

…Emmanuel, which means “God is with us!” Is. 7:10

Lord, the waiting was over.  The preparations of many centuries had now been completed.  A holy woman was ready to receive the gift of all gifts.  You came among us to be near us; to be one of us.  A God could not become closer to his people than you did.  You took on the skin, the body, the mind and the personality of a male, human baby.  All creation watched as you left your throne behind to be present to your people in the womb of your mother.  O Lord, how glorious is this day!  All history has been changed forever.  You entered time and altered the course of human events.  But you came quietly and silently because Mary said yes to your angel.  Now the salvation of the human race could move forward.  Today was your first step toward the cross.  Thank you for giving yourself to us forever.  Thank you for being so close to me wherever I go and in whatever I do.  Help me to do your will today as you experience what I experience.  Holy Mother of God, pray for us who also bear your Son to the world.  Amen.