March 23, 2018 Friday of the 5th Week in Lent-B

Jeremiah 20:10-13

Psalm 18

John 10:31-42

But the Lord is with me, like a mighty champion… Jer. 20:11

Lord, superheroes are popular in movies today.  People that have super-human strength and can fly and overcome the bad guys attract a lot of moviegoers.  While this is fictional entertainment, Jeremiah believed in God as his superhero.  The prophet had a very unpopular message and the people who heard it didn’t like it and wanted to destroy him.  But Jeremiah was confident that the God who gave him his mission would prevail against his enemies.  Lord, I am faced with trouble in my life.  It can be financial, relational, work, disease, or loneliness.  I can be fearful in the face of opposition and difficulty or I can be confident that you stand by me as my superhero.  Having you as my champion doesn’t mean I won’t have suffering because you told me to take up my cross and follow you each day.  But it does mean I can deal with problems with the confidence that you are near and are providing all the strength and grace I’ll ever need.  I have faith you want to rescue me and do good for me and will never let me walk alone.  Amen