March 14, 2018 Wednesday of the 4th Week in Lent-B

Isaiah 49:8-15

Psalm 145

John 5:17-30

I will never forget you.  Is. 49:15

Lord, in your goodness you have placed unforgettable people in our lives.  We could make a list of those who you made blessings to us.  Whether they were good parents or not our mothers and fathers are unforgettable because they gave us life.  We are grateful for special friends, teachers, lovers and children.  Today, you assure me that I am special and unforgettable to you.  You put no condition on this promise.  Even in those times when I forget about you or even take your care for granted you always are near holding me close and protecting me from harm.  Dear Jesus, through whom all the universe is being created, you think I am unforgettable.  It’s almost beyond belief.  Lord, help me this Lent to be more aware of your presence each and every day- 24-7.  Your love and your grace are sufficient for me.  May I never forget you either.  Amen.