March 13, 2017 Monday of the 2nd Week of Lent-A

Daniel 9:4-10

Psalm 79

Luke 6:36-38

“Stop judging…stop condemning…Forgive… Luke 6:37

Lord, personal relationships with the people closest to us are usually the trickiest to manage.  Because we know them so well and are around them so much judging and condemning can come easy to us.  We can be so quick to judge the actions or motives of a spouse.  We can condemn when our children rebel or refuse to follow the rules we‘ve laid down for them.  Neighbors and co-workers can get under our skin and so we judge and condemn.  So, Lord, how do I start going about changing my attitude towards these people?  Does it start with a humble acceptance that I too am a sinner in need of forgiveness?  If I desire forgiveness for my offenses how can I refuse to forgive those who have offended me?  Lord, you died for the very people I find so hard to forgive.  Help me to see them and myself as you do.  Soften my heart to bleed for them as your heart did.  May I today release one person in my life from the chains of unforgiveness.  If needed, let that one person be me.  Amen.