March 12, 2017 2nd Sunday of Lent-A

Genesis 12:1-4

Psalm 33

2 Timothy 1:8-10

Matthew 17:1-9

…his face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light.  Matthew 17:2

Lord, you had just revealed to your disciples the news about your upcoming passion, death and resurrection.  Peter went into denial and the others were probably in shock.  You then described the sacrifices that go with following you.  You could see in their eyes and in their hearts that this was all too much for them.  To encourage them for the trials to come, you gave them a mountaintop experience of your true glory.  Everything about this experience was intended to help carry them thru the difficulties to come.  For the remainder of their lives they remembered this day of glory.  Lord, I too need encouragement during my trials and suffering.  Sometimes life is just too much to deal with alone.  Thank you for those people you send into my life to support and love me.  Thank you for the grace to endure any and all trials to come.  I place them all in your hands, my Lord.  I trust in your presence in my good times and bad.  May I listen for your kind words of encouragement today.  Amen.