• June 7, 2019 Friday of the 7th Week of Easter-C
    Acts of the Apostles 25:13-21
    Psalm 103
    John 21:15-19
    “…do you love me?” John 21:15
    Lord, I am worried about you asking me this question. I know you can look into my heart and know the answer before I even respond. What would I say? Would I let guilt or regrets over past sins affect my answer? After all, why would I sin if I really loved you? But I feel you would ask me about my love for you with love in your heart for me. There’s no question about how much you love me. I just need to look at a crucifix for that answer. But my love for you can be tarnished by my weaknesses and my love for the things of this world. You asked Peter to show his love for you by tending and caring for your sheep. The kind of love you seek from Peter is complete self-giving to the point of death. You call me to self-giving also. You want me to feed my brothers and sisters. You ask me to comfort those in distress, free victims of injustice, and to love the most difficult of people around me. Lord, give me the grace to say yes to love and yes to life. Yes, Lord, I do love you. Amen.