Jun 7, 2017 Wednesday of the 9th Week of Ordinary Time-A

Tobit 3:1-11, 16-17

Psalm 25

Mark 12:18-27

Then with sobs Tobit began to pray.  Sarah poured out this prayer:  Tobit 3:1, 11

Lord, your word today tells of two people at the ends of their ropes.  Both of them were praying for death to come and relieve them of their suffering and heartbreaks.  This calls to mind the parents of the young people killed in the Manchester UK terror bombing.  Their grief must be as intense.  Your grace led Tobit and Sarah to prayer.  Their emotional pleas to you were heard just as you hear the prayers of all of us in our times of anguish.  God answered their prayers in ways they never imagined.  In his great love for his children, our Father works wonders in our lives too in ways we maybe can’t understand.  Lord, you know everything about me and are fully aware of every sorrow, big and small, in my heart.  Give me the patience today to wait on your glorious and awesome response to my cries of anguish.  I watch and wait for your power to transform me and your love to open my heart to your plan.  I can’t wait for how you will answer my prayers today.  Amen.