Jun 5, 2017 Monday of the 9th Week of Ordinary Time-A ST. BONIFACE, BISHOP AND MARTYR

Tobit 1:3; 2:1-8

Psalm 112

Mark 12:1-12

He had one other to send, a beloved son.  Mark 12:6

Lord, in your word today the owner of the vineyard expected that the evil tenants would respect his son.  Despite the danger, the son obeyed his father and went to the vineyard.  You came to this vineyard of our world and gave your life to rescue us from evil and death.  I regret my sin and my part in rejecting you and not respecting you.  But you have put my sin behind you and offer your mercy and forgiveness.  Abundant grace is always available to me in times of temptation.  Your Holy Spirit is offering wisdom for my decisions, courage for my weaknesses and spiritual judgement for my life.  I have devoted brothers and sister as models of faith and as companions on the road to eternity.  I have the sacraments of your Church as signs of your love at every stage of my life.  Thank you Lord for coming to save me and to walk with me to eternity.   Please bless my work in your vineyard today Amen.