June 3, 2019 Monday of the 7th Week of Easter-C ST CHARLES LWANGA AND COMPANIONS, MARTYRS

Acts of the Apostles 19:1-8

Psalm 68

John 16:29-33

“…take courage, I have conquered the world.”  John 16:33

Lord, you were so understanding and patient with your disciples at the Last Supper.  You could see the fear and uncertainty in their eyes despite their words of belief.  You also knew what the next few hours would do to their faith as you would experience your passion and eventual execution on the cross.  Despite what they would soon face you encouraged them and gave them the hope of peace.  Admitting the road ahead would be difficult for them you gave them the assurance that you would win the victory over death, sin and the devil.  In other words, everything was going to be alright.   They just needed to trust.  Charles Lwanga and twenty-one companions refused to give in to sin and held closely to their trust in you.  They would go on to horrible tortures and death.  Lord, help me to trust in you as the victor over the world.  Nothing in this world can harm me as long as I stay faithful to you.  May the Holy Spirit continue to gift me with courage and conviction.  Lord Jesus, I trust in you and believe you will never abandon me.  Amen.