Jun 17, 2017 Saturday of the 10th Week of Ordinary Time-A

2 Corinthians 5:14-21

Psalm 103

Matthew 5:33-37

For the love of Christ impels us… 2 Cor 5:14

Lord, love of country motivates so many men and women to enter the Armed Forces to serve the cause of freedom.  Love moves parents to give of their lives completely for the welfare of their children.  Paul tells us today that love of you can be an impelling force in our lives.  Falling head-over-heels in love with another person changes us completely.  We are filled with the desire to please them.  Lord, may I be filled with a self-giving love of you today.  May that love be so consuming that all I think, say and do is for you.  I offer you, dear Jesus, my work, my play, my resting.  Transform my heart to be passionate in service of you and everyone I meet.  When I look at the cross I see what love does.  My prayer today, Lord, is that I be compelled to obey, work and live out of love.  The kind of love that led Mary to say “Yes” to the angel.  The kind of love that led you to the cross.  Amen.