June 15, 2018 Friday of the 10th Week in Ordinary Time—B

1 Kings 19:9, 11-16

Psalm 27

Matthew 5:27-32

Hear, O Lord, the sound of my call; Psalm 27:7

“If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away.”  Mt. 5:29

Lord, you help us to realize how easy it is for us to slip into sin which separate us from you.  I don’t really think it’s my eye that is at fault here.  The real problem is the desire of my heart.  It seems so hard to control my internal passions.  I can make excuses such as “it’s only a look” or “it’s not really bad”.   But over time, I can be led farther and farther away from having chaste thoughts and being in control of my passions.  Lord, you know me so well.  Help me to use the gift of my eyes to admire the beauty of the world and other people in good and pure ways.  Show me your presence in all people.  Keep me faithful to my spouse and those dear to me.  Dear Jesus, you and I both know I can’t do this on my own.  I ask you to hear my call for help in this.  Thank you for the gift of being able to see.  Today, I will be aware of your grace and will turn my eyes to you.  Amen.