June 13, 2018 Wednesday of the 10th Week in Ordinary Time—B ST ANTHONY OF PADUA, PRIEST AND DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH

1 Kings 18:20-39

Psalm 16

Matthew 5:17-19

“If the Lord is God, follow him… 1 Kgs 18:21

Lord, Elijah’s trust and confidence in you were awesome.  He risked his life to show those who were undecided who to follow.  What courage and faith he had.  Many people today are undecided or apathetic or misunderstand that you, Lord, are God alone, there is no other.  Many are lured by other gods and aren’t’ completely aware of your love for them and your presence to them.  Lord, even I can be distracted by entertainment, pursuit of pleasure, wealth or power.  These are gods that cannot save.  Lord, keep me focused on you and your desire for me.  Help me to be patient and understanding of family and friends who no longer believe in you and are “straddling the issue.”  Lord bring them back into your family.  And if you’ve chosen me to be your hands or your voice then give me what I need to accomplish your work.  Most of all, dear Jesus, may I have the faith of Elijah that you are Lord of all and will answer my pleas.  Amen.