June 12, 2018 Tuesday of the 10th Week in Ordinary Time—B

1 Kings 17:7-16

Psalm 4

Matthew 5:13-16

…the jar of flour did not go empty, nor the jug of oil run dry… 1 Kgs. 17:17

“Just so, your light must shine before others…”  Mt. 5:16

Lord, shine the light of your grace into my life.  As reliable as the sun rising each day, so too is your constant flow of grace into my heart.   I can run short of a lot of things in life but never your grace.  You never abandon me or forget me.  You give me this blessed gift in abundance because of who I am: your beloved and glorious child.  It is given also to help me to grow my faith in you and who you are.  Each of us is here for a purpose.  Each of us is an important part of your plan for the world.  May everything I do be for your honor and glory and not mine.  I give all the credit to you for any good deed, word or action.  It is your light that shines when I cooperate with your grace.  Lord, may I never fear losing the flour or oil of your favor.  Keep me alert to however you wish your light to shine in me today.  Let my family and friends see the mystery of you at work in me.  Let them see in my good deeds the shining face of God.  Amen