July 4, 2018 Wednesday of the 13th Week in Ordinary Time-B

Amos 5:14-15, 21-24

Psalm 50

Matthew 8:28-34

…let justice prevail at the gate… Amos 5:15

Lord, we are a freedom loving people.  Today we celebrate the birthday of our nation and the freedom for which so many have sacrificed.  You have blessed our country in so many ways.  Your gift of freedom can be misused.  We can fail to honor you and your word by not living up to the principles we claim to live by.   Let us on this day renew our commitment as a people of peace.  Guide us to a compassion for the lost, the disabled, and the vulnerable.  You have showered us with such abundance that no one in America needs to be hungry.  Help us to write and enforce our laws so that justice is served so that the innocent among us are protected.  Lord, if you were to enter our halls of justice today, what would you say to us?   Maybe you would quote Amos: “seek good and not evil”.  Maybe you would remind us to respect each other; to offer encouragement to each other; and to be understanding, forgiving and compassionate.   Our words and tone can be more civil.  Without your help we will perish as a nation.  Walk with us and keep us close to you.  Amen.