July 28, 2017 Friday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Exodus 20:1-17

Psalm 19

Matthew 13:18-23

“I the Lord, am your God…You shall not have other gods besides me.”  Exodus 20:2-3

The decree of the Lord is trustworthy…  Psalm 19:8

Father, for a child to learn right from wrong he or she first must accept the authority of the parent.  The child must also recognize the wisdom of the one teaching and guiding them.  The first of the commandments reveals to us your authority to give all the other commandments.  You are the only true source of truth.  Your word is trustworthy and reliable and wise.  The other nine commandments are based on the first.  Lord, we cannot look to any other god for you created us, your Son redeemed us and the Holy Spirit leads us to heaven.  These words from Exodus today may well be the most important in all the bible.  If we don’t obey the first law and honor you as God of all then what good is all the rest?  Abba, Father, out of love for me and all your children, you’ve asked us to place all our trust, hope and love in you.  You will faithfully care for me no matter what.  I pray to be as faithful to you.  Amen.