July 24, 2017 Monday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Exodus 14:5-18

Psalm Exodus 15:1-6

Matthew 12:38-42

“Fear not!  Stand your ground, and you will see the victory the Lord will win for you today.”  Exodus 14:13

Lord, Moses had so much confidence that your promises would be kept.  Moses’ and the people’s situation looked hopeless with their backs to the sea and the strongest army in the world bearing down on them.  You had done so much to obtain their freedom that Moses trusted you would continue to fight for them now.  Lord, you have done so much for me too.  You have brought me to this day.  You have fought for me even when my situation seemed hopeless.  I have been afraid and without hope.  Yet you have always been there for me.  You’ve always had my back.  Oh, that I could claim the faith and confidence of Moses!  What victory will you win for me today?  What temptation will you help me to overcome?  What obstacle to peace will you remove?  Who will you send to lead me to freedom?  Remove my fear and help me stand my ground confident you are near.  Amen.