July 23, 2017 Sunday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Wisdom 12:13, 16-19

Psalm 86

Romans 8:26-27

Matthew 13:24-43

The Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness… Romans 8:26

“When the crop grew and bore fruit the weeds appeared as well…” Matthew 13:26

Lord, I identify with your parable today.  I am like the field in which both weeds and wheat are growing together.   I am a mix of good and evil, virtue and vice. I can respond to the twists and turns of life with anger or understanding, patience or impatience, kindness or retaliation.  Your kingdom consists of people who are not perfect.  It is made up of sinners and saints.  During your time among us you ate with tax collectors, forgave adulterers and picked very ordinary, flawed men as your first team.  Your parable makes it clear that you are very patient with us.  You do not judge us as we struggle to grow in good ways and work to eliminate the bad ways.  You see us as mustard seeds, small and weak but with so much potential.  Lord, I so need your Spirit to come to the aid of my weakness.  Thank you for not leaving me to fend for myself but have given me an Advocate to encourage me, to defend me and to give me the strength needed to persevere as good wheat and to bear fruit in your kingdom.  Amen.