July 11, 2017 Tuesday of the 14th Week of Ordinary Time-A ST. BENEDICT, ABBOT

Genesis 32:23-33

Psalm 17

Matthew 9:32-38

At the sight of the crowds, his heart was moved with pity…  Matthew 9:36

Lord, is your heart still moved with pity when you look at people today?  So many of us are troubled and afraid.  Confusion about what’s right or wrong is common.  We can’t seem to decide who to follow.  We’re not certain what’s true or false because we are told lies about both.  So a lot of us just give up and struggle through life like abandoned sheep without a shepherd.  But we do have a shepherd.  Thank God you care about all of your children.  Lord, pour your healing grace into the hearts of all who are troubled and lost.  Guide us all to the truth with a proper understanding of your word.  Help me to answer the call I received at my Baptism to be a part of your mission in our world.  Move my heart to pity and then to action as I labor for you in the harvest of today.  Amen.