January 8 2019 Tuesday after Epiphany-C

1 John 4:7-10

Psalm 72

Mark 6:34-44

Beloved, let us love one another… 1 John 4:7

“How many loaves to you have…five loaves and two fish.”  Mk. 6:38

Lord, you make the impossible possible.  Five loaves and two fish won’t go very far in satisfying the hunger of thousands of people.  Yet when the Apostles brought forward what they had you received it and multiplied the loaves and fish to feed the crowd—with leftovers.   This shows us that our small and meager offerings to you can be multiplied by you to achieve great things.  How often I look at my resources and don’t offer them because they seem too little to accomplish anything.  You have blessed me with so much.  Yet the problems around me seem too big for me to make a difference.  Help me Lord to trust that when I give to you what I have, with love, you are pleased and can increase whatever it is to do so much.  Dear Jesus, take my self-centered love and change it to sacrificial love.  Move my focus on myself and my problems to the needs of my brothers and sisters.   Feed me with your Sacrament of Love, your body and blood, so I can be “love” to those starving for it.  Thank you, Lord, for loving me so I can love in turn.  Amen.