January 8, 2018 Monday, THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD

Isaiah 42:1-4, 6-7

Psalm 29

Mark 1:7-11

“You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”  Mk 1:11

Lord, today at the very beginning of Mark’s gospel you are introduced by the Father himself.  The story begins not with a baby or wise men or shepherds, or manger but with nothing less that the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit.  What a start for the salvation of the world!  While you had no need to be cleansed of sin, we do.  We too receive the Holy Spirit and a sacred anointing at our baptism.  I can substitute my name in the words of the Father for he is pleased with me too.  Lord, may I never take for granted the precious gift of baptism for it is the doorway to a holy life, an adoption as God’s son or daughter and an initiation into his body on earth.  The grace of this sacred event sustains me throughout life in times of temptation and the Spirit encourages me to live your good news in word and deed.     Today, Lord, may I truly live as your beloved child trusting that you continue to be pleased with me.  Amen