January 5, 2018 Friday, Christmas Weekday ST JOHN NEUMANN, BISHOP

1 John 3:11-21

Psalm 100

John 1:43-51

Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth.  1 John 3:18

Lord, we have expressions like “actions speak louder than words”, and “talk is cheap.”  The intent of these ideas is that what we do carries more weight that what we say.  Your commandments of loving God and neighbor are not just about words.  John tells us today that our love must be active and genuine.  Lord, you have placed wonderful people in my life both family and friends that I find easy to love.  For these I thank you.  But you also bring before me grouchy, uncooperative, hateful and just plain unpleasant people.  Many are ungrateful and maybe even hostile to me.  Some may have even hurt me or someone I love.  These are the difficult to love people.    But you died for all of them too, not just the good and easy to love.  They are your children too.  Dear Jesus, help me today in some small way, to take a small step in being kind, tolerant or friendly toward a difficult person.  Help me to love and not resent, to serve and not to seek revenge.  Love is not just a feeling it is also a choice.  Help me to choose as you would.  Amen.