January 4, 2019 Friday, Christmas Weekday ST. ELIZABETH ANN SETON, RELIGIOUS

1 John 3:7-10

Psalm 98

John 1:35-42

“Come and you will see.”  John 1:39

Lord, you offered a simple invitation to Andrew and his friend.  One day with you changed their lives forever.  Had your Spirit been preparing Andrew for this moment for a while before he met you?  Was he searching for meaning in his life?  Was he looking for something bigger than himself to believe in?  I would have loved to hear, see and experience those few hours Andrew spent with you that day.  It would have been awesome to be shown your divine holiness and love.  Andrew couldn’t go back to his former life after an afternoon with you.  Lord, show me your mercy, grace and love.  Show me the power of your word and the glory of your peace.  I want to be your disciple forever and never want to go backwards in my faith in you.  Andrew couldn’t wait to share the good news he had seen and heard.  May I too be a witness for you in whatever circumstances you desire.  I pray for the grace to do the will of the Father like you did.  Help me to risk going out of my comfort zone and becoming who you want me to be.  Amen.