January 4, 2018 Thursday, Christmas Weekday ST ELIZABETH ANN SETON, RELIGIOUS

1 John 3:7-10

Psalm 98

John 1:35-42

“Behold the lamb of God.”  John 1:35

Lord, your cousin the prophet was a big deal in Judea when you were just beginning.  He had a loyal following, was baptizing and preaching to all the people.  Yet, when he saw you walking by he told his followers to look to you as the Lamb of God, the Messiah.  These two left John and followed you perhaps out of curiosity or hunger for something more.  Thus began the first experience of people becoming your disciples.  God bless John for giving up his status and importance to you.  God bless the two who opened themselves to you and the Father’s grace.  Thank you, Lord, for the invitation to know you better, to come closer to you and to become your disciple.  I’m grateful for the people you put in my life that have led me to you.  I’m also grateful every time the priest at Mass holds your body and blood high above the altar with the words of John:  “behold the Lamb of God.”     With your grace I choose to open myself to you, to receive you in the Holy Eucharist and to follow you wherever you lead.  Amen.