January 3, 2018 Wednesday, Christmas Weekday THE MOST HOLY NAME OF JESUS

1 John 2:29-3:6

Psalm 98

John 1:29-34

See what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God.  1 John 3:1

Lord, our identity at birth comes from our parents.  We’ve done nothing as an infant to establish any kind of individuality.  We are known as the sons or daughters of our parents.  It takes a while in life to be seen as a unique individual.  I sometimes think I am still, in a spiritual sense, an infant.  My road to holiness and life in the Spirit is a long one with a lot of starts and stops.  I know you created me out of love and that you formed me as your child destined for life eternally with you.  But I often don’t feel very mature in your ways.  But I also know you are very patient with me as I grow to understand and develop the divine nature you have placed within me.  I have your DNA because you loved me enough to give it to me.  Lord, continue to shower me with your grace and guide me with your word.  Place around me good, holy people who can help me stay on the right path to you.   I believe you aren’t finished with me yet.  I thank you for hearing my prayer.  Amen.