Acts 22:3-16

Psalm 117

Mark 16:15-18

“What shall I do, sir?”  Acts of the Apostles 22:10

“Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel…”  Mark 16:15

Lord, is that all?  Such a task is overwhelming, even impossible.  For human beings it is but I recall the words of the angel to your mother, “Nothing is impossible for God”.  I’m sure many people in Paul’s day were convinced he could never stop persecuting your followers.  Yet you changed his heart with a radical influx of grace and he became you greatest Apostle.  Lord, you have created me out of love to be a part of your plan to convert the world to you.  You have placed me in this time and in this place for this grand purpose.  You have blessed me with talents and abilities given to no one else.  You also provide opportunities and settings that I, and only I, can be a witness to you.  Lord, it’s a little scary that you look to me to do this work.  But my faith tells me you will never ask me to do anything or put me in any situation without your grace.  May I, today, in ways only known to you, touch someone’s heart.  I may not have to speak a word.  Just live like I’ve been saved and love like you.  Amen.