January 22, 2018 Monday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time-B

2 Samuel 5:1-7, 10

Psalm 89

Mark 3:22-30

 And they anointed him king of Israel.  2 Sam. 5:3

Lord, your shepherd-king was a fast rising star.  His power and influence in Israel was on its way to being complete.  His enemies defeated, he united Israel into a strong, secure nation.  What advice or words of wisdom would David give me today?  What was his secret to success?  I think he would tell me to hang in there during setbacks and difficulties.  He worked with God to develop his gifts.  As he learned to use a slingshot by daily practice, he worked every day to be faithful to where God was leading him.  Lord, today we recognize the right to life of the unborn.  The fight to extend legal protection to children in the womb goes on.  The opposition is strong and well funded.  David relied on you for his success in uniting a nation.  We rely on you to lead us in the struggle to protect life from conception to natural death.  Lord, keep me faithful to this cause and lead all people of good will to use every means necessary to one day achieve victory for the unborn.  Amen.