January 17, 2018 Wednesday, The 2nd Week in Ordinary Time-B

1 Samuel 17:32-33, 37, 40-51

Psalm 144

Mark 3:1-6

Looking around at them with anger, and grieved at their hardness of heart… Mk 3:5

Lord, today we read that you were, at the same time, angry and heart-broken over the people in the synagogue.   Some of them dared you to heal the man’s disability on the Sabbath.  And when you did heal him, they had the evidence they needed to plot your death.  Seeing their stubbornness and hardness of heart hurt, didn’t it?  They had made up their minds you were not from God and were a threat and had to be removed.   They had not come to faith in you or your Father’s plan for their salvation.  To be rejected by those you love must have been discouraging.  Lord, I trust in you as my refuge and my deliverer.   I pray for those today who fail to realize how much you care for and love them.  Do not be angry with those who are slow to come to faith.  Heal the withered hands of their hearts so they can be open to your grace and come to know, love and serve you.   Amen.