January 17, 2017 Tuesday of the 2nd Week in Ordinary Time-A ST ANTHONY, ABBOT

Hebrews 6:10-20

Psalm 111

Mark 2:23-28

…be strongly encouraged to hold fast to the hope that lies before us.  Hebrews 6:18

“The Sabbath was made for man…”  Mark 2:27

Lord, we have man-made laws intended to keep us safe and our society at peace.  These laws are for our benefit.  You have given us your divine law for our benefit as well.  Obedience to your commandments adds nothing to you who already have everything.  You know exactly what all need to be safe from evil and to embrace the abundant life you offer.  You have asked us to keep holy the Sabbath.  You want Sunday to be special and a time to offer you praise and worship by participating in the Mass.  It is there that we offer all we are to you.  It is at Mass where we listen to your word and are nourished at a family meal of your body and blood.  Lord, in our world today, for many, Sunday is just another day of the week.  I so need the grace and love which I experience at Mass which is as close to heaven as I’ll ever get on earth.  You want only the best for us, so Lord I lift up my mind and heart to you who are my only true source of hope.  Amen.