January 11, 2019 Friday after Epiphany-C

1 John 5:5-13

Psalm 147

Luke 5:12-16

Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him… Lk.5:13

Lord, why did you touch this man?  You could have healed him with a word or a gesture from a distance.  You knew that touching such an unclean person would make you unclean as well.  And why did you tell him to keep quiet about his cleansing?  The word sure got out because we are told a report of this miracle spread throughout the region. We even know about it over two thousand years later. You gave this man his life back.  He could return to his family and play with his children.  He would no longer be segregated from other people. The tables were turned because now you had to sneak off to deserted places for quiet and prayer.  It’s just like you taking our place on the cross.  You incurred the punishment I deserve.  Lord, I want to approach you with the certainty of faith the leper had.  If you want to you can heal me from head to foot; body, mind and spirit.  Your actions speak so loudly of your love and compassion for all your people.  Touch me, dear Jesus, with your healing love.  Amen.