January 11, 2018 Thursday of the 1st Week of Ordinary Time

1 Samuel 4:1-11

Psalm 44

Mark 1:40-45

Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand, touched the leper…  Mk 1:41

Lord, I know in your time lepers were isolated from all contact with the community.  Because of their disease they couldn’t be near their family or neighbors.  To everyone at the time, physically touching them was out of the question, something no one would dream of.  But you felt so sorry for this man, who not only suffered from his disease but had to endure it alone, that you touched him.  You could have healed him with a word.  Your disciples must have been stunned.  When you look at me are you moved with pity for my leprosy.  As a sinner I too am in need of cleansing.  You can heal me of my pride, self-centeredness, apathy, anger and resentment.  You can heal my relationship with a family member with whom I am isolated.  Dear Jesus, please touch me with your healing hand and soothe my fears and heal my guilty conscience.  Hold me close to you today for I have no one else who loves me as you do.  Amen.