January 11, 2017 Wednesday of the 1st Week in Ordinary Time-A

Hebrews 2:14-18

Psalm 105

Mark 1:29-39

Rising very early…he prayed.  He went into their synagogues preaching and driving out demons…  Mark 1:35, 39

Lord, this very hectic and busy day described by Mark is a snapshot of the basic elements of our discipleship.  On that day you prayed, taught and healed.  You turned to the Father in prayer for strength and encouragement.  United with his will you could speak the truth of God to all the people.  Words were not enough so you went among them and touched them and healed them.  This pattern can be a guide for me today, Lord.  I surrender myself to you in prayer, uniting my will to yours.  I offer to you all I am, all I have.  Then, I look to your word to be filled with your Spirit of truth. I seek guidance, inspiration and encouragement from your holy word.  I listen to your teaching.  Equipped to serve, I go out to the world and live my faith the best I can.  With the power of your grace and led by the Holy Spirit I can fulfill whatever you’ve called and gifted me to do.  Lord, today I pray, listen and work just as you did.  Give me the grace to work for the things I pray for.  Amen.