February 8, 2017 Wednesday in the 5th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Genesis 2:4-9, 15-17

Psalm 104

Mark 7:14-23

“But what comes out of a person, that is what defiles.”  Mark 7:20

Lord, you tell us that what we think, say and do reveals the nature of our hearts.  Our motives priorities, attitudes and behaviors are all signs of what lives within us.  There is a temptation for us to become satisfied by carefully following the rules and performing the rituals of our religion.  Attending Mass, putting a check in the basket and fasting are all good.  But they can become routine.  You value our faithful practices and works, Lord, but what you truly desire is our hearts.  Today’s word invites me to shift my focus to that intimate relationship and personal experience of your love that you really want for me.  Once I open the door of my heart and welcome you in I am changed.  When I let you fill me there is no room for evil.  I so want to encounter you and your love today, Jesus.  Help me to surrender all I am to you.  Real peace is when I know in my heart that you and I are one.  Please, Lord, live within me this day.  Amen.