February 6, 2017 Monday in the 5th Week in Ordinary Time-A ST. PAUL MIKI AND COMPANIONS, MARTYR

Genesis 1:1-19

Psalm 104

Mark 6:53-56

…people immediately recognized him.  Mark 6:54

Lord, you were well known in this part of Palestine.  With no TV news, magazines or internet u-tube the folks knew that you were the great healer and miracle worker in their midst.  So many were healed with a touch.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone recognized you today?  We have instant, worldwide communication.  We can send pictures of each other to any place on our planet with the small phone that fits in a pocket.  Yet seeing your presence in our world can only occur when we look with the eyes of faith.  Lord, may we see you in a glorious sunrise, in a smile of greeting, in sharing joy or suffering with a friend.  May your healing power and presence live in me today as I meet those who are ill, fearful or alone.  So many are looking for you but probably can’t see you.  Lord, please use me today anyway you wish to be your presence and peace to someone in need of your touch.  Amen.