February 28, 2019 Thursday of the 7th Week of Ordinary Time-C

Sirach 5:1-8

Psalm 1

Mark 9:41-50

Delay not your conversion to the Lord… Sir. 5:8

“If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.”  Mk. 9:47

Lord, in training our children we sometimes must resort to “tough” love.  We teach them to make good choices and to follow the right path to success in the world.  It is the duty of parents to help them form good habits and to avoid destructive behavior.  Your words today seem like “tough” love as you warn us of the dangers and the seriousness of sinful ways.  It is clear how sin can damage or destroy the life you came to give us.  Ben Sira identifies a temptation many of us have and that is to put off making difficult changes to life.   He says not to postpone returning to you.  Do not delay putting our spiritual lives in order.  Lord, I tend to want to stay in my comfort zone and may not be truly honest with myself when I minimize the effects of sin and unhealthy habits.  Help me to see what is keeping me from you.  Show me how I can begin this very day to trust you more especially in my relationships with people around me.   I need your grace and encouragement to repent and to embrace the abundant life you so want for me.  Amen.