February 28, 2018 Wednesday of the 2nd Week in Lent-B

Jeremiah 18:18-20

Psalm 31

Matthew 20:17-28

Must good be repaid with evil…?  Jeremiah 18:20

“…the Son of Man will be …mocked and scourged and crucified…”  Mt. 20:18-19

Lord, your prophet Jeremiah, in the eyes of the people of his time, was a trouble-maker.  His message was not a popular one because it called the people to reject idols and to return to the one true God.  He was a danger to the power and authority of those of influence.  Many centuries later the same can be said of you.  You and Jeremiah were opposed to the prevailing social trends of your days.  Today evil is often called good.  Abortion is described as good because it solves the problem of an unwanted child.  Assisted suicide is called good because it ends the pain.  Capital punishment is good because it is what the murderer deserves.  Lord, I trust that you will stand with me whenever I oppose evil.  I trust you will provide the grace for me to be faithful to your truth even if I am persecuted for it.  Help me to resist the political correctness that waters down the radical message of the Gospel.  Guide me, dear Jesus, to be a voice of strength, hope and truth in my family and world.  Amen.