February 27, 2017 Monday of the 8th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Sirach 17:20-24

Psalm 32

Mark 10:17-27

“You are lacking in one thing.” Mark 10:21

Lord, I am the man before you in this gospel.  I have tried to follow your commandments.  I pray to you every day and go to Mass.  Whenever I see someone who is in need I do what I can for them.  I’ve tried to please you in so many ways.  But there’s something more isn’t there?  You look at me with love as you looked at this man.  You give me your love not because of all the stuff I’ve done.  You love me because I am your precious and glorious child.  So what do I cling to that is an obstacle for me to fully love you?  What have I not yet emptied myself of that prevents me from giving myself to you completely.  Is it wealth and possessions like the man in the story?  Could it be my time, a resentment toward someone, an unwillingness to let go of control of people or things?  Lord, you see me perfectly so reveal what I have hidden for so long.  Help me, like the man, to see what stumbling block I hang on to.  Release me, O Jesus, from whatever keeps me from you.  Amen.