February 26, 2018 Monday of the 2nd Week in Lent-B

Daniel 9:4-10

Psalm 79

Luke 6:36-38

We have sinned, been wicked and done evil… Daniel 9:5

…we your people and the sheep of your pasture… Psalm 79:13

Lord, as I come closer to you I become more aware of who I am.  The author of Daniel speaks for me when he admits to his sinfulness.  Like Daniel I have been wicked, selfish, impure, and have rebelled against you and your commandments in thought, word and deed.  I do not deserve anything but your scorn and I am ashamed of the way I have been unfaithful to you.  But I also believe that I am the apple of your eye.  You created me out of love and value me as your precious and absolutely wonderful child.  You delight in me and want only the best for me.  Every time I look at a crucifix, I am struck by how far you will go to restore me to a right relationship with my Father.  Daniel is right when he says yours are “compassion and forgiveness”.  Protect me from departing from you today, dear Lord.  Keep me safe in your pasture and I will “give thanks to you and proclaim your praise forever.  Amen.