February 26, 2017 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time-A

Isaiah 49:14-15

Psalm 62

1 Corinthians 4:1-5

Matthew 6:24-34

“…I will never forget you.”  Isaiah 49:15

“Your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.”  Matthew 6:32

Lord, in the world it’s pretty easy to be lost in the crowd.  So many of us can go through life unnoticed.  To suffer alone is life’s saddest suffering.  The single mother, the homeless man huddled in the alley, the nursing home resident or the widow down the street can feel forgotten.  Maybe forgotten by man but never by you, Lord.  It’s very comforting and reassuring for you to see me as “unforgettable”.  You are aware of my every breath.  When I am hurting in any way you know it.  When I worry or am anxious about my needs you already are providing for me.  You are nearer to me than my own skin.  My name is written on the palm of your hand so how could you ever forget me?  So today, Lord, I will place all my worries and needs in your powerful and loving hands.  I will live knowing you are always with me ready to provide all I need to seek and enter your wonderful kingdom.  Today I will live in peace because of your promises.  Amen.