February 25, 2019 Monday of the 7th Week of Ordinary Time-C

Sirach 1:1-10

Psalm 91

Mark 9:14-29

All wisdom comes from the Lord… Sirach 1:1

“This kind can only come out through prayer.”  Mk. 9:29

Lord, all real wisdom comes to us from our heavenly Father.  When you came among us you brought the wisdom of God to our world.  Your disciples tried to drive the demon from the young man on their own.  You drove the demon from him because of your close relationship with your Father.  That relationship was constantly maintained through prayer.  One product of a close relationship with someone is trust.  I think the message of today is to trust in the wisdom of God in all situations.  In prayer, I ask that to look at the world and all my experiences with the eyes, the wisdom, of God.  That’s not a easy thing to do.  Help me to form the habit of turning to you each day and to ask for divine wisdom to shape my life.   Open my heart to yours.  Make prayer the fountain of grace flowing into my every thought, word and deed today.  I lay my unbelief at your feet, dear Jesus, and beg for greater faith in your wisdom.  Don’t let me be afraid to ask you for true wisdom for living and trusting in you for everything.  Amen.