February 24, 2017 Friday of the 7th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Sirach 6:5-17

Psalm 119

Mark 10:1-12

A faithful friend is beyond price… Sirach 6:15

“and the two shall become one flesh.”  Mark 10:8

Lord, you remind us today that the union of a man and woman was God’s plan from the beginning.  That makes marriage sacred and holy.  What a blessing this gift is to all mankind.  Marriage is the foundation of the family which is the foundation of our society.  Those called to marriage fulfill a beautiful vocation to continue your work of creation and to help each other to become holy; to become saints.  You realize, Lord, that in our weaknesses and often rebellious natures that this unity can become fractured.  Maintaining this commitment is a daily challenge, and you never let us face this task alone.  You are all about relationships and you call us to a mutual relationship that reflects what we have with God.  Lord, bless my marriage and all the marriages in my family.  Send your special grace upon those who are struggling.  Shine your healing light on broken families.  Make new the unions harmed by sin.  Thank you for this awesome gift.   Amen