February 23, 2017 Thursday of the 7th Week in Ordinary Time-A ST POLYCARP. BISHOP, MARTYR

Sirach 5:1-8

Psalm 1

Mark 9:41-50

Do not delay your conversion to the Lord…  Sirach 5:8

“Everyone will be salted with fire.”  Mark 9:49

Lord, I so take for granted the life-sustaining air that surrounds me.  Without the oxygen in that air there is no life in me.  Thank you, Lord, for every breath I take.  Your grace is like the air I need to live.  It’s always around me and it is in abundance.  The grace to live the life you won for me on the cross is never exhausted, and never far from me.  That grace can strengthen me when I am weak, encourage me when I want to quit, and nourish me when I am hungry.  You used the images of fire and salt to explain how grace transforms and saves.  Sirach teaches me that grace is necessary for my on-going, daily conversion.  Lord, let me not take your grace for granted like I do the air I breathe.  Every trial, obstacle or problem I encounter on the road to you can be an occasion for the power of your grace to work in my life.  Lord, I pray for you to keep me salty with your grace and on fire for you.  Amen.