February 21, 2017 Tuesday of the 7th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Sirach 2:1-11

Psalm 37

Mark 9:30-37

Trust God and he will help you, make straight your ways and hope in him.  Sirach 2:6

Lord, we trust in a lot of things throughout our day.  I trust my car will stop when I step on the brakes.  I trust my doctor to remove my tumor.  I trust the pilots who fly the plane carrying my family.  I trust the food I get in a restaurant, that the mail will be delivered and that the sun will rise tomorrow.  You so want me to trust in you for everything.  My faith tells me you hear all my prayers, are constantly watching over me and can see into the depths of my heart.  You know exactly what I need at all times and every situation.  ON to of all that, Lord, you are good, loving and all powerful.  So what’s not to trust?  When troubles pile up in can be hard to see how you are helping me.  That’s when I can make the choice to trust you or to doubt.  You know how week I can be at times especially when trials come.  Keep me on the straight and narrow, Lord.  I trust you’ve got everything under control and I can be at peace knowing that all of me is in good hands.  Amen.