February 20, 2019 Wednesday of the 6th Week of Ordinary Time-C

Genesis 8:6-13, 20-22

Psalm 116

Mark 8:22-26

Then he laid hands on the man’s eyes a second time…Mk. 8:25

Lord, you again fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy that you would open the eyes of the blind.  This man was so blessed to have good friends bring him to you for he could not have found you on his own.  Without fanfare or drama you took him aside to a quiet place and gave him his sight.  The first clear vision he had was of your kind face.  How happy and grateful he must have been to be able to see again.  The gradual healing of his blindness reminds me of how you gradually, over time, lead me to see with the eyes of faith.  Sometimes you heal and restore one step at a time.  While you are leading me to faith I can wonder in what direction you are taking me.  I may even have second thoughts about how you are working in my life.  Even with that, I am convinced you will complete everything you have begun in me if I am open to your grace.  May I today, dear Jesus, cooperate and trust in however you want to teach me, heal me, guide my and bless me.   Give me patience to wait on you.  Amen.