Malachi 3:1-4

Psalm 24

Hebrews 2:14-18

Luke 2:22-40

He came in the Spirit into the temple…  Luke 2:27

Lord, we so admire the faith of Simeon and Anna.  They are such beautiful examples to us of patient waiting.  They didn’t let the ways of the world distract them from their devotion to God.  They were confident that the promises of the prophets would be fulfilled.  The uncertainty of where and when you would come to them wasn’t an obstacle.  But they were ready for whatever form God’s intervention would take.  Lord, as I begin my day I too want to be ready for you to enter my life.  I’ve got my plans for work, travel, exercise and so on.  May I have Simeon’s and Anna’s openness to you?  They looked at the world around them with the eyes of faith.  They walked each day with the Holy Spirit as their guide.  Do not let me stubbornly stick to my plans and my small expectations but make me ready for all the ways you will enter my world.  Surprise me, Lord.  Whether it’s an awesome sunrise, a blessing from a friend or an opportunity to serve someone, I embrace every way you desire to come to me.  Amen.