February 19, 2018 Monday of the 1st Week in Lent-B

Leviticus 19:1-2, 11-18

Psalm 19

Matthew 25:31-46

“…whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”  Mt. 26:40

Lord, the magnitude of the injustices of poverty, thirst, loneliness, and homelessness is huge.  These issues are everywhere, in every neighborhood, family and nation.  So great is the need it can seem like too much to do anything about.  Sometimes, this attitude can lull us into not doing anything.  But when I read your words today you instruct us to start with just one case of injustice.  Caring for one least brother or sister is where we can start.  That is a success story.  Help me to see you, dear Jesus, in the family member who has been isolated because they have hurt someone.  Show me yourself in the widow down the street who has little or no human contact.  Reveal yourself in the parishioner who acts strangely and doesn’t fit in with the “holy” people.   Guide me to see the worth and dignity that you see in all men and women.  I can’t help everyone but I can touch that one person who you place in my life today.  Being a friend to one person a day can make a huge difference to them.  Amen.