February 17, 2018 Saturday after Ash Wednesday-B

Isaiah 58:9-14

Psalm 86

Luke 5:27-32

 You, O Lord, are good and forgiving… Psalm 86:5

And leaving everything behind, he got up and followed him.  Lk. 5:28

Lord, how long had you been preparing Levi for this moment?  How did your grace penetrate his heart to move him to drop everything and go with you?  You didn’t call him because he was perfect.  In fact, he was a known sinner and unclean because he worked for the Romans.  You seemed to be more attracted to the riff-raff than the holy.  You saw something in him that needed healing.  You saw his potential.  You saw what he could become by the grace of God.  Lord, thank you for calling me too.  I too am far from perfect and in need of healing.  You love me just as I am but you won’t leave me that way.  During this Lent, I pray you will teach me your ways.  Keep me in your light so I can live up to the dream, the vision, you have had for me since my conception.  Help me leave behind whatever blocks my experience of your life.  Dear Jesus, thank you for not walking past me.  Thank you for inviting me to walk with you.  Amen.