February 16, 2017 Thursday of the 6th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Genesis 9:1-13

Psalm 102

Mark 8:27-33

“I set my bow…as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”  Genesis 9:13

“You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.  Mark 8:33

Lord, in his mind, Peter thought he had you all figured out.  He saw more of who you were than the others.  But he was only partly right.  His human limitations held him back from grasping the full truth of you and your mission to the world.  A preview of that mission was the covenant God made with Noah thousands of years before Peter.   That relationship between creator and creature was promised to last for all time.  That promise was fulfilled by you, Lord.  When you saw a rainbow in the sky did you recall the promise of your Father never to abandon mankind?  Did you see the bow as a confidence-booster that our Father is with us in you?  Lord, like Peter, I have limitations in my thinking.  I am tempted to rely only on myself and my ways.  May every rainbow I see be a blessing and a reminder of you and your constant presence and nearness to me.  May your bow in the sky say me:  “it’s alright, my child, don’t be afraid, I am here with you today and always”.  Amen.