February 15, 2019 Friday of the Fifth Week of Ordinary Time-C SAINTS CYRIL, MONK AND METHODIUS, BISHOP

Genesis 3:1-8

Psalm 32

Mark 7:31-37

…the man and his wife hid themselves from the Lord God… Gen 3:8

Lord, as a young person I can remember trying to hide my disobedience from my parents.   When we look at forbidden images we do it in secret.  So much evil is done in our world under the cover of darkness.  It seems when we sin we try to conceal it from you and those around us.  I can also hide my guilt when I talk myself into confusing good and evil.  Adam and Eve started this trend a long time ago and this attempt at deception is still with us.  We can dull our sense of right and wrong by trying to get away with our crimes.  Trying to hide our faults is like attempting to be gods.  It is said: “confession is good for the soul.”  I can recall how good I felt after uncovering my sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Trusting that you see everything I’ve done or have failed to do it is good to lay my offenses at the foot of your cross and seek your forgiveness.  Lord, your commandments were given to us for our own good.  They are not unnecessary restrictions of a mean master.   Thank you for understanding me.  Amen.