February 12, 2019 Tuesday of the 5th Week of Ordinary Time-C

Genesis 1:20—2:4

Psalm 8

Mark 7:1-13

God looked at everything he had made, and found it very good.  Gen. 1:31

You have…crowned him with glory and honor.  Ps. 8:6

Lord, how could anything made by you not be “very good?”  Everything brought forth by the hand of our Father is good and deserves to be honored.  It’s easy to see God’s hand in the beauty of the stars and the balance of nature.  But the greatest creation, man, can be so disappointing.  While nature can only be what it was created to be, man can choose to turn against his creator and welcome evil into his life.  Lord, I am a sinner among sinners.  Everywhere I look I see abuse, violence, corruption and all forms of evil.  Yet when you look at the human race you see it as precious and glorious because it was made in your image.  Thank you, dear Jesus, for continuing to love me despite all my imperfections.  Help me to see my brothers and sisters as you do: “very good.”  All is not lost because you have intervened by becoming one of us and showing us the path back to glory, honor and your Father.  We can return to our original state of innocence and holiness.  By your blood we can live what we were created to be—“covered with glory and honor and very good.”  Amen.