February 11, 2019 Monday of the 5th Week of Ordinary Time-C

Genesis 1:1-19

Psalm 104

Mark 6:53-56

Then God said… Gen. 1:3

How manifold are your works, O Lord! Ps. 104:24

Lord, I am so pleased to read the account of how, with your spoken word, you created all there is.  With one word from your mouth billions of galaxies came into being each with billions of stars.  You formed the earth and all life on it with just a word.  You began the clock of time clicking as you brought into being everything from nothing.  And all your creation you called “good”.  Why you created so much is a great mystery.  But it’s not a mystery that we are given stewardship of all you have given us.  What a great sin it is to not care for what you have made.  You brought the earth and all on it into being for our good and are pleased when we use it for good.  Exploiting nature and using it for selfish purposes is not your way.  Help us to work together to respect the land, the sea, the air and the life you have provided.  One day we may venture into space and begin to populate other worlds.  May we gain the knowledge and the intent to maintain the balance of nature your hand created.  Amen.